The Legislative Body is the law-making body of the land. Thus, it is essential that legislative documents are maintained, well-kept and preserved for reference and perusal. Facilities and fixtures such as steel cabinets, computer desk tops, individual computer laptops for Sangguniang Bayan Members and Support Offices, photocopying machines, scanners as well as recording mechanisms such as video cameras and audio systems were provided to effectively carry out the legislative tasks. The Sangguniang Bayan Secretariat is the repository of documents and records dated as early as 1957 are still available in the said office. All documents are well-kept, maintained and preserved, chronologically arranged according to its dates and appropriately labelled for easy retrieval. Indexed measures are kept in cabinets. Other than the hard copies of documents, the office also stores soft copies or the digital computer files of records. The Sanggunian also maintains the Sanggunian Information System in which ordinances, resolutions, minutes, committee reports and other relevant documents are being codified and stored. With the use of such tool, it allows the end-user to find/browse/view the exact document and access/print what is needed in just few clicks of the finger in less than a minute.

Further, the office also stores and ensures the upkeep of minutes of session proceedings, minutes of public and committee hearings, executive orders, rules and regulations, publications and likewise the video recordings of every sessions, hearings and meetings conducted by the Body.

For effective information dissemination, the Sanggunian uses mechanisms such as internet connections through the official website of the Local Government Unit of San Andres, specifically the or social networks through Facebook. A newsletter called “The Pantalan” is issued bi-monthly by the Local Government Unit of San Andres wherein which a Sangguniang Bayan’s Corner is provided as an avenue for information dissemination on legislative measures enacted by the August Body and likewise a privilege to discuss social issues and express the Sanggunian’s standpoint. Ordinances approved by the Sanggunian has complied with requisite process particularly the conduct of public hearing, undergone the three-reading principle and the publication in newspapers of general circulations. Postings in the premises of the Municipal Hall and bulletin boards located in conspicuous areas around the municipality and information dissemination through the Liga ng mga Barangay and “bandilyo” in barangays within the municipality were likewise conducted.

Notices and official communications were sent out appropriately and accordingly to concerned individuals giving much emphasis to the timeline requirement.